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Second life by randompokeninja Second life :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 2 476
Just the beginning
The year: doesn't matter
Why doesn't the year matter. Because it just an excuse for time to repeat. It'll always describe the time of hate and war of when it starts and ends. It always starts out with the balance of good and evil, life and death. Some event causes a group to become desperate like famine or drought. They would do what is best for them and ask for help. From that point gate decides the event for either an alliance or war. That a pretty morbid idea of the thought process for time and its history. The weak succumb to the strong that is the law of nature. So what happens to the remaining weak? They have two choices to give up or become stronger…
felsen is a world built on the principle of magic and technology. Even after war and calamities so intense that would riddle a world inhospitable. Yet life goes on and the sun rises and falls like any other day. Creatures and people rebuild for the next event to become stronger than the stronger. When it will happen fate decid
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Daycare by randompokeninja Daycare :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 5 522 zero the ninja test by randompokeninja zero the ninja test :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 2 1
Blossoming love
Fang a bengal cat arthro was walking down to his high school. He wore a cheap knock off suit. It was cool and sophisticated look for him.  Fang got his nickname from when he was little. He broke his two front feline teeth. A dentist gave him two thick fangs to replace the one he broke. So the new teeth made him look like saber tooth tiger and the nickname stuck. Fang goes usual school the allow the strange and misunderstood fetish to happen. It uses vore as a motivator, and punishment. Fang had a photographic memory meaning he could review an entire classroom book and know everything for quizzes and test. This gave him an unfair advantage in school. With this ability he had the highest score in the entire school which gave him the perk.
Fang reaches his school and see young fennec fox girl by a some well know thugs. The vulpine girl was using her books to shield her. One member, a tall wolf muscular arthro known as Talon as the leader of the thugs. He plays football, basketball, h
:iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 7 2
My little monster first form ref by randompokeninja My little monster first form ref :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 0 0
Black city: Zero's tale
Black city, the ultimate metropolis on the world. The top producer of everything in the new age. But it isn't all the guts and glamour. Criminals thrives in the creaks in the busy city. Dark alley act as shortcuts, den to city pokemon, and home to crimes. Where there crime, there heroes. The police enforcers of the law can't handle the sheer size of the city. So the local pokemon decide to form an alliance to help the police. The city is their home so why not protect it? If the crimes happen most in the alley then they cover the alleys, while the cops cover the street.
In the city there a popular playground for city pokemon and kids. It was made so the pokemon wouldn't cause unnecessary trouble and it gives them something to do/ play on. This was a meeting ground when the street light come on. Varies pokemon come to gossip and talk while sitting on a snorelax huge belly. "Who would like to start?" A shiny Zoroark asked, who name is zero. A couple pokemon raised their paws. "Lil' shinx"
:iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 2 0
Time traveling guardian
Orphanage is a place where dream go to die and the feeling of abandonment settles in your mind as time goes by. It more like a prison, school and a job for kids. Kids do simple tedious chores for a minimal pay that could barely cover for gum. Some parents even use the thought of sending their own kids to the orphanage. As warning to keep them in line just like saying boogeyman is real. A military training camp would be more fun than living at the despair inducing place. The headmaster saw the the kids as dollar signs from the government.  The more kids the more money they earn. So it was common to see two kids sharing a twin size bed. The only freedom was how they spend the thirty minute recess in the enclosed wooden privacy fence. Old chalk nubs, oblong shaped baseballs, weathered broken toys and each other. Couples come to the orphanage to adopt to give their kid a brother or sister, Maybe the female was sterile. This brought hope to the little one eyes but disgust to the older
:iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 6 3
Friends in hibernation
Winter is a land where only ice types and the prepared survive. By fall indicated by the changing of leaves. Usually most pokemon either eat a lot to store up fat or store up a food reserve. But first winter time pokemon living on their own get sidetracked and forget to the last second.
The bones of the forest were all that is left after the leaves have fallen. Berries and fruits stop growing to survive till spring. In the forest there was a trail of foot prints Unfortunately a little pink cat like pokemon was foraging for something that survived to freeze. Skitty whimper hearing her belly growl protesting for nutrients.  With every step the soft fluffy innocent snow drained her of her energy as it crunched under her paws. To make thing worse it start to snow softly at first but it got progressively worse. Skitty cover her eyes shielding them from the stinging snow. Skitty body disappear as her body is blanket by snow. Suddenly she sees a flickering light in the distance.  To
:iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 18 17
duct tape wallet...contest by randompokeninja duct tape wallet...contest :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 0 2 the code red dragon!!! by randompokeninja the code red dragon!!! :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 1 14 being blamed by randompokeninja being blamed :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 4 740 Zeus kirin (bio in desc) by randompokeninja Zeus kirin (bio in desc) :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 4 47 bianca in danger comic by randompokeninja bianca in danger comic :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 4 7 taken by randompokeninja taken :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 7 916 survivior by randompokeninja survivior :iconrandompokeninja:randompokeninja 7 85


COMMISSION for Seikozoorhess by phation COMMISSION for Seikozoorhess :iconphation:phation 1,067 17 Safari Vore Rp by Platnummunkey Safari Vore Rp :iconplatnummunkey:Platnummunkey 3 110
Zangoose Vore (Collaboration)
8> A backpack is bouncing on her back as she runs. A handful of brushes she quickly stashes on her jacket. Sirens blaring on the distance. Not that Dea will be caught today. She has been doing graffiti for many years on many billboards on many cities, and even if the cops have tried to take her down to jail, it has been futile. The infamous artist only known to the public as Deodorant has struck again; this time, a satirical mocking scene on a billboard showing a candidate for mayor in the town she was living for now. She keeps on running, making sure the mask she is wearing doesn't fall off. The rooftops at night of this city with an unimportant name always give excellent views of the night sky at this time, but right now, it's Dea's parkour track to run from the cops, running as swiftly as a Liepard from building to building, with the occasional flip. She makes a sharp turn to the right and starts sliding down a rain pipe. She makes it to the ground, and quick
:iconcajade:Cajade 11 8
Kill them All - Contest entry by blackorb00 Kill them All - Contest entry :iconblackorb00:blackorb00 90 11 Hollow Knight RQ from Kenshi by phation Hollow Knight RQ from Kenshi :iconphation:phation 639 19 Unexpected... Meeting? Reunion?? by toasterwitch Unexpected... Meeting? Reunion?? :icontoasterwitch:toasterwitch 41 1 Sophie Neuenmuller by ragnaveldt Sophie Neuenmuller :iconragnaveldt:ragnaveldt 62 11 Alice by BlizzOmos Alice :iconblizzomos:BlizzOmos 183 10 Commission: deep in the hoenn woods by logancure Commission: deep in the hoenn woods :iconlogancure:logancure 601 58 Cosmic prayer by BlizzOmos Cosmic prayer :iconblizzomos:BlizzOmos 193 8 Relic of Anicent Past (Gt/Rp Non-vore rp) by Nolan-The-Dragconic Relic of Anicent Past (Gt/Rp Non-vore rp) :iconnolan-the-dragconic:Nolan-The-Dragconic 16 59 Alola form pokemon by logancure Alola form pokemon :iconlogancure:logancure 318 35 [064] Seraphim Nagisa CG (+Speedpaint) by Hananon [064] Seraphim Nagisa CG (+Speedpaint) :iconhananon:Hananon 563 43 Sarasa by AnnCalina Sarasa :iconanncalina:AnnCalina 24 2 COMMISSION for dinonickp by phation COMMISSION for dinonickp :iconphation:phation 731 34 Tsunayoshi Sawada by k9k992 Tsunayoshi Sawada :iconk9k992:k9k992 77 15


Which is more popular pokemon or dragons?
Second life
Whelp I'm bored and this seemed to be a good idea.
You can be either pred or prey. You can go off and say you have 1 pokemon as a trainer or something. Or you say a pred gave you second chance by tf. Try to say a sentence. Don't give me half ass stuff!!

I currently have 113 watchers so that actually amazing!
Next month I'll be in Germany for two years.

I'm going to Arkansas. After a month of training there. I'm going to Germany. The time zone difference is 6 hrs from Texas. So if you rp me in the states then my rps are going to seem slow... so yeah.
i'm taking my old phone...maybe I can finally finish that animation I raved about before switching to the iPhone.(which I love.)
The year: doesn't matter

Why doesn't the year matter. Because it just an excuse for time to repeat. It'll always describe the time of hate and war of when it starts and ends. It always starts out with the balance of good and evil, life and death. Some event causes a group to become desperate like famine or drought. They would do what is best for them and ask for help. From that point gate decides the event for either an alliance or war. That a pretty morbid idea of the thought process for time and its history. The weak succumb to the strong that is the law of nature. So what happens to the remaining weak? They have two choices to give up or become stronger…

felsen is a world built on the principle of magic and technology. Even after war and calamities so intense that would riddle a world inhospitable. Yet life goes on and the sun rises and falls like any other day. Creatures and people rebuild for the next event to become stronger than the stronger. When it will happen fate decide. There are creature from every race and species, some might be considered a legend or myth to people not native to world. Such as taur, gryphons, dragon to name the common few.

Here is where the hero comes in…

A child plays in the old ruins that still stand among the far end of a bustling city. Acting as a reminder of the heartache and sacrifices they made in the past. “4...3...2...1 ready not here I come.” The boys say with a giggle. The boy was no older than 6 with short messy red hair. He wore green shirt with small felt black tribal style dragon in a lying or sleeping position. Swim shorts that fades from black top to green bottom and Velcro shoes that lit up with each step with a unique playful design on them. The boy runs around checking corners and kicking rubble every so often. This was attracting unwanted attention from the shadows. As he runs around until he heard a giggle then a sudden attempt to silence the act. “I know that giggle!” He say excitedly as he runs toward the last location of the sound. Upon arrival he sees his target trying to get away. A black panther arthro wearing a black vest and black shorts. His friend loved the color black just because his fur is black. He was around the age of 8...honest 7 and three quarter “Hiding somewhere Rowe?!” he laughs calling him by a much hated nickname, as his friend isn't caught till he's tagged. “It's Roland and you know it sky!” He starts running now that his attempt to hide is blown. “And you know it's sora!” The boy says chasing the panther boy.
They laugh and tease as they run through the ruins.
A creature cloaked in a black mist emitting from its body and wearing a permanently attached white mask. A hole was placed in the usual spot for theses types of creature. The creature body types was shaped like a dog with long sharp claws and long jagged white spines on it back.
This type of creature is commonly known as a hollow named for the hole that is ever present somewhere on there body. It physical makeup is made of corrupted magic caused by many phenomena natural or unnatural. Their shape varies to adapt to any environment or situation given time. They only live to destroy, by that meaning they are physical walking death machines.

The hollow eyes glowed a crimson red as it senses the two small children playing. A friendly game of hide and seek turn into survival game of prey and predator unknown to the new players. The hollow races through the ruin kicking rubble out of the way and going through shallow walls to make easy quick short cuts. “Oh no” the boys said in unison looking the direction of the intimidating sound. They bolted in the opposite direction knowing that sounds weren't coming from a friendly source. “We need to split up sora. One of us get out and get help.” Roland said panting “right. We need a strong guy.” Sora in a innocent kid tone knowing the severity of the situation. They split up pass what used to be a wall with sora going left and Roland going right.

Meanwhile a guy in a brown duster jacket was in a mansion trying to find the way to the clients. He had a European style sword with a hollowed out hilt sheathed in a leather sheath with a hook attached the open end pointing out. He shouldn't have declined the butler offer of being a guide the owner of the house. But his pride got the better of him and now he's lost. He looked around for any signs to tell him where he was or at least a map maybe a marker. He pass the same marble bust of the owner 10 times. “What in the world?! Either I'm going in circles or the clients has way too many busts of themselves” he says ready slice through at least one statue head “please sir, don't show your barbaric attitude toward my master's possessions” the butler said out of nowhere scaring the guy. “Jezz aren't you a sneaky ninja!” he say holding his chest describing the butler wealthy action. “Will you allow me to guide you to my master?” He says hit a sore spot for the guy...admitting defeat. “Yes…” he says glaring at the statue head wishing the butler wasn't here so he could destroy the bust. As the butler bows with his arm coming across his chest. He walks to the closest door “gate. Key keeper” a key with a skull on it “no wonder I didn't hear you. You're a caster.” “Precisely. Key keeper allows me to open any door and teleport to any location I've been too.” The butler say turning the key to the right then left before opening the door. The door frame looked like it had a light barrier blocking the room. “Close the door behind you.” He say walking through barrier and ,from his description of his power, teleported. The guy looked at barrier skeptic of the butler actual power. Space magic is a rare power since hard to understand but with summon tool which has the ability makes it easier if the tool selects you. He walks through it pulling the door closed behind him. He close his eyes for a moment. The sun was blinding him? He was outside in the middle of huge garden with topiary castle large enough to be an actual castle and bunch of other topiary design. A abundance of colored flowers depicting a beautiful pattern. “Did you enjoy your exploration?” A panther said sitting in cast iron chair and table with a vine design all over it. “It made my head spin. It is too large.” The panther laughs knowing that the truth “sure it is and that was just one floor.” The guy was frightened by that very thought. Truly the mansion is a maze. “Anyway I call you here because of my son.” The panther said getting straight to business. The guy rubbing his forehead with two fingers already knowing what this conversation was about before it happened. “What did sora do now?” “I'm all for exploration. Exploring ruins and collecting coin while seeing the faces of people grateful of our services. But you know as well as I do that ruins are also dangerous. I wish the city would remove the old ruins but they say it's a reminder and not a death trap. See where I'm going with this?” “I'm leaving right now. Butler used that power of yours. My son is so grounded when I find him.” The panther nodded to the butler confirming the order. The butler open the door with summoned key and the guy stormed through the door. The guy looks around to see where he was. It was in the middle of a still standing doorway. “I told him that the ruins were dangerous but of course he never listens.” There was a loud crash sound and dust rising “well that was easy. Better hurry. Enhance speed.” He says as he gives a green aura as magic increase his speed as command. He sprint in the direction of sound of destruction leaving dust clouds behind him.
Sora exits a crumbling building into an alley. He sees the hollow facing the opposite direction of him. The sniffs air smelling sora just behind it. It spin taking out a building with it tail preventing one possible escape as the building crushes behind it. It changes up beam and shoot at sora. Sora runs out of the way of the attack. The beam destroy the doorway preventing another escape. Sora looks around for any means of escape in the alley. The hollows grins knowing that the child was trapped. Sora runs down the alley hoping to find another exit. The hollow chases after him down with a sick grin knowing his prey was helpless. Roland was on a roof watching everything. He wanted to help but didn't know how. He remembers the time his dad and sora’s fought in garden. His dad created magical circle to do various task. There was one in particular that could help in this situation. With no magic less it was a long shot but anything is worth a trying. He runs across any stable roof, support beams and jumping across gaps to stay on the roof.
Sora dodge swipes of the hollows claws despite being in tight spot. Sora was running out stamina yet he lasted longer than most because of the evasive tactic.
Sora reached a dead end. He looks around in disbelief. “This isn't happening” Sora thought as he face the hollow with his back press against the wall. The hollow raise his claws in the air for a final blow. Suddenly a white magical circle flickers below Sora.
Roland was trying to focus panic that best friend might die. A hand was placed on his shoulder “your magic isn't strong enough to use that type yet. I'll lend you the power…” Roland felt a surge of energy and the magic circle formed and another and another in a series toward the hollow and under it to behind it. Sora was flung by the series of magical circles and landed in the dirt with minor scratches to his arm behind the hollow. “Whoa we made some potent magic repeal circles. Let me handle the rest.” Roland looked to see sora’s dad before he jumped down into the alley landing between the hollow and Sora. “Sora are you okay?” He asked keeping his eyes on the enemy in front of him. “Dad?! Uh I'm fine but how did you get here?” Sora says glad that his dad was here. “Good because you're grounded… now watch.” Sora’s dad pull off his sheathed from his back. “I'm going to kill you without magic. You are just too weak for my taste.” Sora’s dad says drawing his sword with his right hand. The hollow roars sending a shock wave out. “Now you're just being crybaby, just come on already.” The hollow charges an energy beam and fires at him. Sora’s dad swings his sword up slicing the beam in half with shock wave of his very own. The split beam destroys the walls causing a old home to collapse. The hollow runs at sora’s dad before pouncing with claws extended out. Sora's dad simply stood his ground like their wasn't any danger. He block the hollow left paw with his sword and right with his the sheath. The hollow’s spine rattled before launching like missiles into that sky. What goes up must come down as the spine now rain down threatening everyone in the area. Sora’s dad push the hollows paws away and jumps up. He had to deflect them or else Sora or Roland would get hurt. He attached the hook on the sheath to the hollowed out hilt. This extended the reach of the blade and a little bit more power for swings. He kicks one spine into another using it as a vertical spring board pushing it out of the way into another. He slice through 4 spines in half and landed on another intact spine. Unhooking the sword from the sheath. he uses the hook to hook on to the spine and swings it. Using the moment of the spine Sora’s dad hits another spine. He jump and hooks on to last spine and swings it in a full 360 to give it speed aiming at the hollow. The jumps back seeing that Sora's dad redirect its spine toward it. “Any more tricks?” He says with a dark tone enjoying the fun. The hunter has become the hunted now. The hollow howls summoning mini version of itself from the ground. There was at least 20 mini hollows. “There so many but they're not enough. I'm getting bored and I can't let dean wait any longer. It's almost suppertime so I'll give you the honor of unsealing my sword.” The mini hollows charge in a blitz while he was talking. “Break out, Leon.” He says as the mini wolf hollows pile up on him. “Dad!!” Sora yell worried that his dad just died in front of him. The hollow pile exploded as the were pushed away. Sora’s dad stood up revealing a new form. He had a lion’s mane around his face. His arms had binding on his wrist attached with chains wrapping around them up to his back. There was a long loose chain linking his ankle and a lock linking another set of chains to a choke collar. It looks like he would've been better off not released his swords power. But Sora know better…
Leon is his sword name and it's power is transforming him into a humanoid lion. He has the strength and speed of the fierce Savannah cat enhanced with magic. The binding only disappear as the battle goes on releasing more power for Sora's dad to use. After all chain are gone, he can then unleash the true potential of his sword. but the fight is going to end before that even happens.
He grabs one with the hook end of his sheath and slams it through several walls. Sora's dad growls as if he was animal grinning in the process. He attaches the sword to the sheath and swings it around hitting every mini hollow with such precision and speed. He stares at the hollow who actually backing away from the beast. “This is the last thing you'll see corrupted magic made creature.” He say as the mini hollow dissolve turning back into pure magic before disappearing. Sora blink and his dad stabbed the creature through the mask. The same thing happened to the original hollow just like mini hollows it created. It too turned into pure magic disappearing in the process. Sora's dad swings his sword in a x formation before tossing it in the air spinning blade to hilt. He place the sheath on his back. As if the sword had it mind on its own aiming for the sheath. It slides in smoothly and seal the sword's power. Sora's dad reverted back his normal form and the chains turn back into pure magic. “That was super awesome!!” Sora get up and run up to his dad with amazement in his eyes. “Thanks but you're still grounded. You know these ruins are dangerous. These old houses are collapsing. Plus bad stuffed happened here. Multiple  bad events corrupts the magic in the air creating hollows. As you saw there very dangerous. You're lucky this hollow wasn't that strong. Roland I'm proud of you for learning your father’s magic from just seeing us, even though you had my help. Though I would hold off telling him if you want to keep your fun.” “Yes sir, um can you get me down now?” Roland said still stuck on the roof of the building glad that's over. He smiles looking at hands proud with himself that he could use his Dad's magic. He knows he needs practice before he can actually use it. Sora's dad pulled out a cellphone with a small rounded crystal powering it. “Hey, I found them. Can you have the butler guy open a door to bring your boy home? Sure that will be great, thanks buddy.” He says hang up the phone with Roland’s dad on other side. Sora walks up to where Roland and catches him. A doorway flashed a white light as a portal activates. They pass through it returning home.
Roland told his dad wanting the ability to use which made Roland’s father proud and started his training. Sora was punished with chores and locked away in his room for a week with nothing except his bed and clothes on the floor. He thought about the event and wished he was stronger instead of running away.
Just the beginning
Well it's been awhile since I wrote and submitted anything. This is my version of a collab of anime that I love. Took me two days to write 2869 words. This has been in the works since I've been on here and I've always changed the view or plot of it so I never started...
please tell me what you think. This story is chapter based and won't be vore focus like my other short stories. Since this is an intro I'm not committed to anything yet.
I only have time on weekends with all my studying and stuff. 
Who likes anime? 
Which one? Try going off stream... nearly everyone heard of bleach naruto and one piece 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Which is more popular pokemon or dragons?


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